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About Prosser, Washington

hot air balloons above a lakeProsser, Washington is a quaint and beautiful town in the Yamika Valley that one would describe as a tranquil oasis.

With only 9 inches of rain per year, Prosser has recently become a destination to visit or call home for young families, professionals and retirees.

Truly a hidden gem tucked away at the base of the horse heaven hills, Prosser has a very distinct pulse that truly captivates all who go there.

From historic downtown, the great outdoors, and 300 local wineries (30 located just in Prosser alone) this small town offers something for everyone.

Once you’re here you’ll find all the activities and services you would want in a modern community accompanied by the small town heart that you would have found in decades past.


Prosser, WAOne would describe Downtown Prosser like a Hallmark town. This clean, friendly and attractive town has so much character, charm and history. Cobbled sidewalks, old-fashioned light poles, antique shops, family owned small businesses is what you will find here. The town has a strong sense of community and is always hosting events like street fairs, family events, holiday celebrations.


Before Colonel William Farrand Prosser founded this town in 1882, Prosser was home to Native Americans who referred to this area as “Tap tut”, which means, “rapids.”

In 1887, Lewis Hinzerling built a flour mill at Prosser falls , encouraging further settlement of the area. The first irrigation canal was completed in 1893, and by 1899, Prosser had a population of 229 people.

In 1907 a power plant was added and began delivering electricity to the town. A new high school was built a year later, and in 1910, the city received a grant from the Andrew Carnegie for a public library.

Today, Prosser’s location on a major river (the Yakima) and highway access has encouraged a growing wine business and associated tourist industry.




Rows of wine grapes growing in vineyard in the Columbia Valley of Washington State in United States.Prosser is basically an irrigated desert that enjoys a semi-arid climate, allowing the region to enjoy all 4 seasons each year without major weather extremes.

The average high temperature is 65°F with the summer highs usually in the mid 90°F range. The average low temperature is 39°F with winter lows usually in the mid to low 20°s.

The local economy centers around agriculture; primarily concord and wine grapes, apples, cherries, hops, asparagus, corn, wheat, and processing plants. Prosser has even been dubbed the “Birthplace of the Washington Wine Industry.”