Our Mission

A Predictable and Consistent Approach To Home Building: 

Please think of us in the same way you might any finely-engineered car. In every sense we strive to ensure the details are covered. We embrace a rigid adherence to processes that increase value over time create a predictable investment that lasts for generations. We balance our zeal for process with a passion for seeing our work go from paper to a pleasing result in less time than other builders. We strive to consistently give buyers more value, the widest choice of customizable options, and a firm commitment to constructing their home in a timely and consistent manner. 


Be humble and easy to work with. Work hard. Complain little. Pray often for grace and vision. Be consistent and predictable in everything we do. Build a great home – the kinds of homes our forebearers – generations of builders before us – would be proud of. 

Wine Country’s Mission in Action:

  • Over 200 single family homes built and sold since 2010 through partner’s companies from north of Seattle, Washington, to south of Salem, Oregon. A list is available upon request. 
  • Expert in collaborative technologies to support transparency and efficiency in financing, construction, and warranty support services. We use Buildertrend.com to provide transparency of cost and schedules. 
  • Local Tri Cities suppliers and subcontractors; actively constructing homes now in Kennewick, and Prosser, Washington. 
  • Single point of contact for all builds.  
  • Financing resources for construction loans. 
  • Fixed price agreements. 

About Wine Country, LLC

Formed in 2019, from the merger of two 15+ year old real estate companies, Wine Country, LLC has conceived, developed, financed, and built the Village at Southridge, in Kennewick, Washington (www.villageatsouthridge.com) and Red Blend Villas in Prosser, Washington (www.redblendvillaswa.com). The owners have over 50 years of combined experience in multi-family and residential construction, real estate finance, and development. 

A Commitment to Carbon Neutrality and Sustainable Building Practices 

Our buyers demand tangible value for their money, but not at the expense of the environment. Where possible and practical, we source locally-produced products and services. And while we can all do our part, home builders have a unique responsibility to do the right thing today for the benefit of generations to follow. To that end, Wine Country’s management works closely with its suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that everything — from how our materials are made to how they are delivered and deployed — is handled in a manner consistent with our desire to serve our customers by first considering how it impacts our planet.