July 2nd, 2013

Historical Wines in the Middle East Most Likely Made From Figs

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If you are a wine lover, then you should definitely make time for a tasting or two in your spare time. You will want to try all of the wines that are available on the market. You may be surprised to learn that some historical wines in the Middle East even feature ingredients like figs. This ingredient can provide a more earthy taste to wine.

After a hard day of work, there can be nothing better than taking the time to sip on a (more…)

May 12th, 2013

The World History Of Wine, Jesus Had Wine!

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Western society has been enjoying wine for thousands of years. The world’s oldest wine probably originated in Greece, and festivals are held yearly in various parts of that country celebrating ancient wines and wine making traditions. Jesus himself has been known to have savored a glass of wine on many occasions and liked wine so much that He chose it over water. Most of us would be thrilled with the ability to turn water into wine, but unfortunately, we have to settle for buying it (more…)

March 25th, 2013

Why Do Cheap Wines Give Such Bad Hangovers?

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Although many people believe that drinking cheap wine will automatically result in a horrific hangover, this is frequently not the case. However, the cheap, fortified wine that you see on grocery store shelves often creates hangovers in those who consume them because of their extremely high alcohol content. Also, people who drink that sort of wine are usually doing so with the purpose of becoming intoxicated. They are frequently alcoholics who buy whatever alcohol is the least expensive and most potent in order to (more…)

June 13th, 2012

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Wine, No Service

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Many restaurants have expectations and requirements of their customers.
No shoes for example.
Okay, seems fair, there could be a plate or glass dropped and a person could injury themselves. That makes sense and I agree with that requirement.
No shirt, why someone would go into pubic without their shirt is beyond me. Sometimes it does get hot, and the shirt can get in the way of cooling off. Wearing a shirt is to help prevent another health hazard, (more…)

August 19th, 2011

Cooking Recipes with Wine as a Key Ingredient

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Wine is often a key ingredient in many recipes. Good cooks often add wine to enhance flavors and add complexity to a dish as wine can release different subtle flavors in food that might otherwise not be experienced. Adding wine can also tenderize, and add moisture. As a key ingredient, it’s a very good thing.

Generally, red wines are added to red meat dishes, red sauces, soups with beef stock, or root vegetables. Dry white wines are often used (more…)

August 17th, 2011

Matching Dessert Wines to the Right Dessert

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Nothing beats a perfectly paired wine and dessert, especially after enjoying a delightful meal. The flavors that are brought out of the palate, thanks to a tasteful pairing can make a magical dining experience.

The rich flavors of cocoa found in dark chocolate bars, cakes, and mousse go great with a port wine. Enjoy a bite of a decadent chocolate dessert, the higher the percentage of cacao the better, and then follow it with a swallow of port. The port brings out strong nuances within the chocolate, and really makes (more…)

August 14th, 2011

Alternatives to Wine Cellars for Basement less Homes

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When you are trying to find alternatives to wine cellars for basement less homes, it can be difficult. This is when you should learn about a couple of the different alternatives that have worked in the past. These include using a specific wine fridge and even storing these in the pantry.

A wine fridge would be a great alternative for many people to look into. When the person looks into this, it will be rather easy for them to have the wine chilled and ready for use at any point in time. (more…)

July 30th, 2011

Great Napa Valley Vineyards

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Finally planning that dream trip to Napa and Sonoma? You’ve got to get a plan before you go or you’ll be overwhelmed with vineyards to hit up so take some time now to research your options. Use your satellite star internet or talk to a travel agent – and happy wine country!
Duckhorn Vineyards: Located in a beautiful mountainous valley right in the northern tip of Napa, Duckhorn has been producing superior red wines for decades. It’s not the cheapest vineyard you’ll hit but that’s a good (more…)

June 23rd, 2011

Wine: To Collect or Not To Collect

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Wine should we collect it or not? This question can be asked and anwsered in many different ways, but simply put, it just depends on the person. If you would like to increase the value of the wine you purchase or want to improve on the taste of it by letting it age, then becoming a wine collector would be great for you. On the other hand, there are many places that do age the wine and preserve it already, so if your just wanting to consume some great tasting wine then collecting may not (more…)

June 17th, 2011

How to Store Your Wine Guides

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Whether you’re a wine expert or trying to impress company, a few tips on how to store your wine will help get the best results from the bottle.
The first rule to storing wine is to leave it in a dark, cool place on it’s side. UV Rays from the sun can leave a devastating mark on the wine, making it smell bad. Keeping it in a constant and cool place will also avoid air from entering the bottle.Confused? Here ‘s a little help . Drops in temperature can suck air into the bottle, which (more…)

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